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The Valley Eruv will be FUNCTIONAL for this Shabbos - READ THE LATEST NEWS!
Info-line: 818-759-7593
Updated Fridays after 2:30pm

Weekly dedications available with a $250 donation
For more info, please contact us:

It is everyone's community obligation to make an appropriate donation of $52 or greater in support of the Valley Eruv
Consider this: On Shabbos, if you or your guests push a stroller or wheelchair, carry a sefer or talis bag, bring food to others, carry a child or their toy, etc, you could not do it without the Valley Eruv. DONATE TODAY!

The Valley Eruv balance is under $1,800 as of today. We are out of funds for a next repair.
Those who have donated within the last 6 months, Thank You. Regrettably, most of the community has not. Without the annual donations of $52 or greater per family, the Valley Eruv will stay down when it breaks again.
Those who carry to shul, those pushing wheelchairs, anyone who needs to bring part of a meal or wine to friends on Shabbat needs to donate. ALL community members who can need to help. If you are financially able, please make a generous donation.
People say "But I gave!" This week we were asked by someone when they gave last; it was over 5 years ago.
Everyone means well, but its hard to remember as we only use the Valley Eruv on Shabbos.
Send in your donation, please.
If you don't remember sending in a donation, its been too long.
The Rabbeim and Board of Directors of your Valley Eruv.

What YOU do matters. Please send in your annual donation of $52 or greater and inspire those around you to do the same.
Even if you do not think you use the Eruv, you certainly benefit from it. Good Shabbos!
Please make sure to send in your donations:  Mail to Valley Eruv at P. O. Box 4201, Valley Village, CA  91617; or Pay Pal on our website.

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This month alone we have had to spend over $1,000 in repairs for the eruv. This is on top of the regular weekly expenses.

The Valley Eruv asks that each family send a minimum of $52 annually - That is just $1 per Shabbos! We are not getting these funds from the community. There are many people who do not give, yet use and enjoy the Valley Eruv weekly; this is inappropriate. Please advocate to your family, friends, and shuls that everyone in the community has a responsibility to support this vital community institution.

YOU must help us by making your contribution now; inspire and ask your friends to do the same!
by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz,
Rav Hamachshir
The Eruv permits carrying for items that are allowed to be used on Shabbos. Therefore an umbrella, which is not allowed to be used on Shabbos... more

by Ralph Kostant, Esq
From its beginnings in 1983, the organizers of The Valley Eruv Society made sure that the North Hollywood/Valley Village/Sherman Oaks Eruv would comply with the strictures of civil law as well as halacha... more.

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg
Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Rabbi of Shaarey Zedek, encourages the community to support the Valley Eruv. View his letter here.
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